Creative Production Studios Built to Stream, Photograph, Film & Podcast

Established in 2016, Bonus Life Studios has worked together with over 200 aspiring artists as well as established content creators, productions companies and global brands.

Our mission: To see your vision realized in our Manhattan studios or through remote consultation.

If you need high level talent, we work with a friendly cohort of talent and technicians, including screenwriters, cinematographers, producers, directors, livestream & podcast techs, script doctors, foley artists, video editors, whatever specialized talent crucial to make your production a reality.

You name it. We’ll deploy our talent to make it happen.

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Bonus Life not only offers assistance with our creative professionals, but grants you access to five studios located in SoHo and downtown New York City. Two of our studios are staffed and equipped for small scale shoots and recordings. Our spaces in Soho resonate with the neighborhood’s vibe from time immemorial, being loftlike and vast.

Since each production is unique, we work with a familiar team of creative experts with key skills in scripting, animation, camera tech, set-lighting, sound engineering, video editing, podcast recording or live-streams techs.

Whether we’re harnessing the skills of our in-network production team or sourcing the perfect talent for your project, Bonus Life is your gateway to the creative activation required to complete your big idea.

Activate Your Bonus Life. Book a Complimentary Consult.