What is this Bonus Life Thing All About ....

Bonus Life is a comprehensive, unitary solution for creating your content and effectively delivering that content to market so that working together we can unlock the specific monetary and artistic goals planned out from the beginning.

Your milestones are literally the reason for Bonus LIfe to exist.

Hitting Milestones

We are here for it

Broadly speaking, think of Bonus Life Studios as a video production house integrated with a live streaming consultancy. These two cohorts are dedicated to seeing both your creative vision realized and your crucial, measurable, and monetary goals attained.

We’re with you through every phase, from the tricky technical aspects of live streaming and recording to collaborating on your digital ad or podcast copy to setting up cameras at your space or hosting your creative team in our boutique Manhattan studios.

There are no more branches or appendages, freelancers or agencies, or a thousand little annoyance and cuts that are a poison pill to creativity.

What Happens at Bonus Life Studios ....

Every. Single Thing.

Every single thing we do is done so that your vision is realized together with the specific, crucial goals you've detailed for us in terms of monetized conversions, clout, or deeply-felt artistic expression.

How much do we do ....

We assist or partner as little or as much as you need from brainstorming sessions to content creation, copywriting, post-production editing, and creative digital marketing. We do this in service of your specific measurable goals, whether they are in terms of monetized conversions, clout, or to see a creative vision realized.

This is Who We Are

Bonus Life is an integrated cohort of friendly, talented creatives and techs working in each key field of production. We are the perfect mix of inspiring creatives and brilliant techs to make sure the job gets done. Concretely speaking, our team is composed of everyone from WGA scripting experts to digital and social media managers to dedicated live streaming techs, and deeply knowledgeable branding experts and digital marketers.

Our Home

Because of the plague, we have been creating and consulting remotely. Speaking of remote, every service we deliver is available remotely.

Bonus Life itself is a boutique studio, well-appointed with a chill vibe in New York City. Currently, we have two studios located in Manhattan. The first is on the Upper Westside of Manhattan near Central Park. We host podcasting and live streaming sessions, and consult with our clientele.

The second location is none other than Andy Warhol’s fabled once-upon-a-time home down in Soho on Wooster Street. That venue is deployed for larger scales shoots.

Bonus Question:

For Which Deity Does Bonus Life Fall Down on its Knees and Chant Devotions?

Bonus Answer:

Our deity is entirely devoted to powerful content and flawless streams. Despite its drive and service to these goals, it is also friendly and possesses a decent sense of humor.

Why we spend time on this planet.

We are here to see that not only is your vision realized, but that you reach the very specific metrics you have set forth in your plan. That is just as important as your vision. Whatever those metrics are in terms of views, subs, or conversions, we are here with our glasses raised to see them met and exceeded.

With that said, we might anticipate you have some questions. Go ahead, ask us