Nothing Great is Made Alone

Your Work. Produced. Distributed.

We engineer visions into produced realities.

Bonus Life’s Creatives work beside you through each phase of production until your work finds distribution and success with your chosen audience. That is what we call collaboration.

Success is your end-goal, which makes it ours, too.

We’ve designed a full-suite of creative services to ensure your vision is not only realized, but finds its audience. Whether a Film/ TV production, live-stream web series, commercial photoshoot, or a viral influencer campaign, we’ll be there to see that it’s produced. We push content creation from page to platform where the world can witness your creative content.

Bonus Life offers on-demand access to a range of studios in downtown New York City for audio and video production, live streaming, podcasting, events and all types of creative content. Bonus Life is your key to access best in class studios for your every creative objective, want and whimsicality.



Virtual Production Services

Nothing great is made alone.

Creative Consultation

Your work. Realized. Discovered.

Viral Marketing

Beautiful Space Makes for Beautiful Content.

Studio Bookings

Bonus Life Studios

Bonus Life is your partner in all phases of Virtual Production, from Livestreams and Podcast Creation to the distribution and digital marketing strategies that integrate with content creation. Broadly speaking, think of us as a video production house integrated with a digital marketing consultancy. We are dedicated to seeing your vision realized together with the specific, crucial goals you've detailed for us in terms of monetized conversions, clout, and artistic vision. That said, the specific metrics you have set forth in your plan are equally crucial as your vision.

Whatever those metrics are in terms of views, subs, or conversions, we are here with our glasses raised to see them met and exceeded.

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